Red Bird Tech Specs


  • 18 feet wide by 12 feet deep by 14 inches high, ceiling clearance is 10 feet
  • No drum riser, stage is carpeted
  • Rear of stage walled, sides not

Audience Space

1000 square feet. Table seating closer to stage, hightop tables near back. Seated capacity of 50-90 (depending on setup), venue capacity 100.

Opening acts start at 8:00 pm, Headliners at 9:00pm

Shows end no later than 11:30pm.

Green Room

Provided for artists. Size: 18’ x 7’

  • Load In and Out/Parking/Gear
  • Any time after noon load in on day of show
  • Access via back door alley (2 steps to driveway)
  • Limited Parking available
  • Gear stored in Green Room or back in van
  • Load out via front door (6 steps to sidewalk), Bank Street so as to not disturb the neighbours


  • 2 EAW Radius RSX129 Speakers Main Tops
  • 2 EAW Radius RSX218 Sub Woofers


4 QSC K 8.2 Speakers 2000 Watts

Audio Control

M32 32ch Mixing Console Digital Console


  • 8 SLIMPAR Q12-USB 8 x Back around the rear and sides of stage.
  • 6 Colordash RGBW Led

Lighting Control

  • Touch Screen PC System NUC w/
  • MagicQ & ONY


  • 1 Sennheiser e602
  • 4 Sennheiser e604
  • 2 Sennheiser e614
  • 5 Shure SM58-LC
  • 1 Shure SM58S-LC Microphone w/Switch - Talkback Mic
  • 6 Shure - SM57-LC
  • 4 Radial Pro DI
  • 1 Audio Interface- Rapco LTIBLOX Mono Laptop Interface 1/8TRS Interface with GL XLR output
  • Mic stands provided

Drum kit, on stage amps TBD

Show extras available at cost to artist.

Download the spec sheet

1165 Bank Street, Ottawa ON K1S 3X7